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Truth never damages a cause that is just.
Mohandas Gandhi

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Summer 2014 newsletter
PEACE Iowa Summer 2014 Newsletter


Find out more about our project Iowans and Iranians Cultivating Peace


Promoting international peace through education,
intercultural communication, public witness,
citizen involvement, and personal choices



Kucinich Redefining National Security Tour ...
Beyond GMOs: Nourishing the World and Reversing Climate Change

Dennis Kucinich to speak

Sunday, October 12th
2:00 pm
Iowa City Public Library
sponsored by the Palestinian Human Rights Action Network

Monday, October 13th
7:00 pm
Veteran's Memorial Building
50 2nd Avenue, Cedar Rapids
Sponsored by chapter 169 of Veterans for Peace

In and out of Congress, Kucinich has been outspoken in his criticism of the Obama Administration's undeclared wars, its "counter-terrorism" approach, its secrecy and its "covert ops" which continually backfire. On the 13th anniversary of 9/11, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich announced they will embark on a series of appearances nationally to begin a conversation to redefine national security, linking it to Food Security, Water Security, Economic Security, Health Security, Education Security, Environmental Security and Peace.

The Iowa City and Cedar Rapids events are free and open to the public. Kucinich will be accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth, who will participate in the Q&A portion of the program. For information about these events please contact Pat Minor at (319) 530-0255.

On Tuesday, October 14th Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich will give the opening remarks at the 2014 Occupy World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa, at the 1st Unitarian Church, 1800 Bell Avenue. The event is sponsored by Occupy the World Food Prize campaign.

Elizabeth Kucinich is the Policy Director of the Center for Food Safety in Washington, DC. She is a board director of the Rodale Institute, America's oldest organic research institute. She has produced two important environmental documentaries, GMO OMG and Hot Water, which concerns radio-active contamination of groundwater and is working with Food Forward TV, a new ground-breaking PBS series.

For information about the Des Moines event, contact Sharon Donovan at <sjbd14[at]gmail.com> or phone (515) 987-5443. Dennis Kucinich can be contacted by E-mail at <contactkucinich[at]gmail.com> .



09-21 demo

One of the events on the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2014,
brought together a variety of organizations on the Ped Mall in Iowa City
for a Campaign for Nonviolence.

Soul Fest Wheel

At Soul Fest, visitors could spin the large color wheel,
and depending on where on the wheel the pointer landed,
were asked to answer a specific question about nonviolence.
Answers were rewarded with a candy Kiss.

Johnson County Fair

At the Johnson County Fair in July, 2014,
PEACE Iowa and a coalition of other groups
presented the public with healthy and realistic alternatives to policies
that are not in the public interest.


From the Summer 2014 PEACE Iowa Newsletter ...



Peace Worker of the Month



1/1/2007 candle light vigil
Thanks to Rose & Peter Persaud for this photo of the January 1, 2007
Iowa City vigil mourning the Iraq War dead—3000 U.S. soldiers and many more Iraqi civilians.



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